Real Time Maps are those maps where the content changes on a regular basis. With update times ranging from one minute to one day these maps are always streamed from servers over internet.

The process starts with the way we collect, process and release changes, courtesy of mapping tools that are licensed and project-specific.

We release updates regularly based on regular feedback from our clients and pro-active in detecting faults and bugs.

Our QA team is at forefront of this and always is observing the changes with our project management tool which helps to track new feature updates, regular code changes and bug assesment.

We also use a CI/CD tools which helps us to deliver real-time changes with the help of Automated Code Push and Integrated Testing and Deployment on our servers.

Also CI/CD tools help store the environment-specific parameters that must be packaged with each delivery. CI/CD automation then performs any necessary service calls to web servers, databases, and other services that may need to be restarted or follow other procedures when applications are deployed.

Netherlands Geometry Update – for a Mapping Company