Image Processing Job Description:

– You are required to design and develop image analysis algorithms using your expertise in image processing and experience in machine learning.

– You are expected to play a contributory or lead role in the project that deals analyzing and classifying high resolution (50000 x 50000 pixels) color images.

The project makes use of image processing algorithms, machine learning and data mining expertise, pattern matching techniques, application development using JAVA, parallel processing using high performance computing paradigms such as GPGPU.

The profile we are looking for :

  • The candidate should have strong research and development back ground and should be well-versed with various image processing algorithms related to feature detection and segmentation.
  • The candidate should be able to lead or contribute to the image processing team.
  • Developing and implementing optimized algorithms for applications.
  • The candidate should assist in development of optimal image processing algorithms required for feature detection and analysis in the Company project. The developed algorithms should be easy to scale in a parallel architecture environment.
  • Developing solutions in area of vision, recognition, Automatic video segmentation, image analysis & processing, scene understanding, computational photography, etc.
  • Candidates with expertise in implementation of machine learning algorithms are also required for the project. She or he should be well versed with various classification approaches and algorithms.
  • Minimum with 2 to 7 years of experience.
  • Qualification: Ph.D. /M. Tech/MCA candidates preferred. Candidates preferred. B. Tech with sufficient work experience and exceptional career record also would be considered.

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