With driving gradually shifting from humans to machines, the role and scope of digital maps must go beyond turn-by-turn navigation and be built specifically for self-driving vehicles.

HD Maps is the next generation, delivering highly accurate, up-to-date and realistic representations of the road.

Automated vehicles require maps that are significantly different than the traditional maps that are being used in today’s navigation devices.

The digital maps are needed to orientate drivers themselves, to plan a journey and to navigate to their destination.

The driving task is gradually shifting from a driver based vehicle to a in-vehicle automated systems, the role and scope of digital maps is shifting accordingly.

This means that the user of the map is no longer the driver, but rather a machine.

As a result, a new generation of maps built purposely for AI/ML based machines is needed.

The next-gen maps comes in the form of a highly accurate and realistic representation of the road, generally referred to as high-definition (HD) maps.

As carmakers race towards an autonomous future, the industry as a whole widely agrees on the need for HD maps to make autonomous driving possible.

Recent Project with Annotation Markers for HDMI Maps for European Car Major

Road sign annotations captured to facilitate auto driven cars

CloudWayz HD Map is a highly accurate representation of the road, featuring a myriad of attributes including lane models, traffic signs, road furniture and lane geometry, with accuracy down to a few centimeters.

The Maps provided by us are used to help an automated vehicle precisely localize itself on the road, to support the vehicle sensors to understand
its surroundings, and to plan maneuvers.