Advanced driver-assistance systems (ADAS), are electronic systems that aid a vehicle driver while driving.They are interfaced intended to increase car safety, human safety and prevent road accidents.These systems are proven to reduce road fatalities.

These systems (ADAS) require maps that are significantly different from the maps that are used in today’s navigation systems. Drivers today mainly use digital maps to orientate themselves, to plan a journey and to navigate to their destination. However, as the driving task gradually shifts from the driver to in-vehicle automated systems, the role and purview of digital maps shifts accordingly. This means that the user of the map is no longer the driver, but rather a machine who has the control of the vehicle. As a result, a new generation of maps built purposely for machines is needed. These next generation maps for machines come in the form of a highly accurate and realistic representation of the road, generally referred to as high-definition (HD) maps.

CloudWayZ helps build HD maps with accuracy down to some centimeters.This helps the automated vehicles to precisely locate themselves on the road.The maps are built in such a way that the automated driving system is able to integrate the maps data with the various sensors around the vehicle and so that they can work as a cohesive unit.These new maps will need to be more accurate than those used for navigation, and be fused with a minimized set of map attributes to create new vehicle-interpreted precision maps