CloudWayZ is a GIS based company located in Pune, India.We work on Cloud-Native solutions,Digitizing Maps,Managed Services offering’s for Cloud based applications and Autonomous driving software.

Specialization in Cloud-native solutions, Digitizing Maps, HD-Maps,  360  degree Street level image processing, Annotation markers etc.

We have successfully created flawless navigation maps with high accuracy.

Our team includes expertise in GIS field with more than 15 years of experience.

We love to innovate and pursue challenges in developing right solutions for Navigation industry by providing customized solutions to our clients.

We have proficiency on various GIS software’s like ArcGIS, Q-GIS and customized digitization software using Unix, Solaris, Linux and Windows platforms with scripting expertise.

We love to innovate and pursue challenges in developing the right solution for Enterprises and Startups.

CloudWayZ uses the lastest machines and bandwidth for accessing imagery and LiDAR data through AWS.